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Balfour is an advertising company with a unique edge – an exciting inventory of digital display technology, backed up with an innovative R&D programme.

We’re a global market leader in providing the most memorable methods for you to communicate with your customers.

And, to make sure we always stay on the cutting edge of technological innovation, our talented in-house designers are constantly exposed to hot-beds of new ideas such as university technical departments and inventors’ associations.

Balfour products

Tri screens

What looks like a single screen is actually three, with different images or videos visible depending on the position of the viewer. Ideal for passers-by – and for queues!

Research and development

We believe Balfour’s products are among the most innovative and impressive on the market – but we’re also certain the future holds even more stunning ideas just waiting to be imagined.

That’s why we have a continual programme of R&D under way, investing time and money to find the next brilliant method of showcasing our customers to their public.


Balfour offers several different options for the supply of our technology. Rent units for as long as you need and work with us and the venue to install and operate them, or agree a payment plan to lease them. And if you’d prefer to buy outright, our sales team will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

We offer these methods for funding display units or a Chameleon network:

  • Outright purchase of the products. With this option you own the unit and are responsible for both running costs and for leveraging the advertising opportunities it offers.
  • Product rental – the title of the equipment stays with us but your options for utilising it remain broad.
  • Leasing the units. With this option you also retain the advertising rights and can sell them on to other organisations.
  • Corporate sponsorship of some or all units in the network. With this option Balfour underwrites part or all of the costs and sells the advertising inventory.